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Corktown's Urban Art Gallery

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Corktown proudly displays bold visuals throughout its neighbourhood and underpass district.

Urban outdoor art is exploding about Toronto's neighbourhoods. We are truly lucky to be exposed to art every day. The outdoor artwork that underpass have put this area on Toronto's map as a Mecca for urban art and culture.

The numerous murals have added so much life to our streets. Stunning designs that captivate, enliven and punctuate the otherwise dull areas with a tapestry of colour.

Hopefully, we will see more art projects emerge in the future. Corktown's murals keep evolving and have become an iconic backdrop to our streets, residences and businesses. Come by and enjoy some outdoor art and soak in some creative inspiration. Plenty of streets and space to enjoy a safe socially-distanced walk during today's difficult times.

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