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Corktown – greener than ever!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

A stroll about Corktown reveals a community committed to maintaining a green neighbourhood

Corktown dentist neighbourhood condo living. Dental office highlights green neighbourhood.
Lush greenery surrounds many of Corktown's condo facades.

Since District Dental opened in 2014, so much has changed in Toronto's Corktown. Our neighbourhood has undergone significant transformation including ongoing development of housing, condos, roads, transportation and services.

During my previous two visits, I took the time to walk about the neighbourhood – pleasantly surprised by the green lushness of local gardens and parks. I came across planters of every size bursting and overflowing with growth, blooms and edibles. It is evident that Corktown has whole-heartedly embraced the urban gardening trend and is glowing in green.

Before, the winter season sets in, take a chance to stroll through this vibrant neighbourhood and appreciate the positive effects of urban growth that celebrates the environment and allows gardens, plants and trees to flourish.

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